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Last update on 7/30/06. Finally starting to update my site. New photos, and HD videos coming soon. Thanks for your patience, as I have too many other things to do.


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From Award Winning underwater videographer Daniel Deck comes......

Aquatic Adventures In Jupiter Vol. 1

60 full minutes of spectacular underwater scenes, with music and narration describing the names of the fish, and creatures you will see. There are 9 chapters: Reefs, Tropical Fish, Corals, Invertabrates, Turtles, Crustaceans, Eels, Large Fish & Rays, and Sharks. You will see creatures less than an inch long, to 14 foot Lemon Sharks. You will marvel at the colors and clarity of this video.

To Purchase the DVD "Aquatic Adventures In Jupiter Vol. 1" click on the PayPal "Buy Now" link below. The 60 minute DVD is only $29.95 with free shipping!

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In this movie you will see: an encounter with 60 Lemon Sharks, an aggregation of 28 Goliath Grouper, Sea Turtles, Graceful Spotted Eaglerays, schools of beautiful fish, Anemones with Spotted Cleaner Shrimp, many strange and exotic fish and creatures, and much, much more!

This is a movie your whole family and friends will enjoy, over and over again!


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